Life’s Embarrassing Moments 2


Happy Monday! Wow, it’s three weeks into the New Year and I’m still on track with the single resolution I made for 2018.  I’m thinking I should feel really good about this, but the little

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Beep! Beep! Beep!


Hello Again! After weeks of suffering from writer’s block I felt inspiration returning as I set about writing my Monday Morning Perspective this week. With my writing flow still in full swing when I finished,

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Happy New Year!


It’s hard to believe that 2018 is here. It seems the wisdom of the older generation really does hold true in relation to time……the older you get, the quicker it passes.  Of course we all

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The Hug


Monday, Again! Sometimes I wake up and feel like I am trapped in a time machine that is permanently set to Monday.  It’s as if I blink my eyes and another week has gone by. 

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A “Do it Yourself” Kind of Gal


Happy Monday Everyone! Today marks day 17 since the flu entered our home.  I thought I would be over it by now, but things just didn’t work out that well.  So, after 17 days of

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Downsizing My Purse


Happy Monday Everyone! I hope each of you had the best of weeks and that this coming week is even better. I had a good week myself.  In anticipation of an upcoming vacation and the

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Life’s Embarrassing Moments


Good Morning! Please forgive my absence last week from posting my Monday Morning Perspective.  I was without internet service.  After several complaints to our internet provider we were becoming very frustrated.  Days after our first

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The relationship between obvious and oblivious


Good Morning! With the fires out west and the political upheaval in Washington, not to mention all the other negative things going on in our world, we could all use a little laughter. It is

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“Vehicular Confusion”


Good Morning! I hope you all had a wonderful week.  I’m really excited about my Monday Morning Perspective this morning.  It is a bit longer than usual because I am actually recording the content of

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Good Morning! As we all did, I woke to news of the tragedy in Las Vegas and I considered putting my Monday Morning Perspective off out of respect for those who had lost their lives.