Matchmaking Fees

Unlike other matchmaking companies, we are very upfront about our fees. We have only two programs available for personal connections and each client is charged an identical fee regardless of the program desired.

We believe our fees are more than reasonable for the services provided and fall far below other companies who provide matchmaking services. Our low cost does not mean we are sacrificing quality, it simply means our passion for matchmaking creates a desire that we may have programs that are affordable to all.

We strongly encourage you to research this industry, both fees and services, before you make a commitment to Personal Connections. We feel that our company offers unique services but understand that it may not be what everyone is comfortable with.

Personal Connections fees are non-negotiable. Although we do not have a payment plan we are able to accept payment for our services via a credit card transaction.  A separate payment for all background verification information will be made directly to the company performing this task.

If you have any questions regarding our fees please feel free to contact us at 423-353-4234.