Personal Connections Matchmaking

We are a local full-service matchmaking company with a passion and commitment to helping people find meaningful relationships.  We currently serve the areas between Knoxville, Greenville, Sevierville, and Morristown, Tennessee.  Our client base represents not only individuals who desire a lasting, meaningful love relationship, but couples, families, and individuals seeking to connect with others who share similar interests for long lasting friendships. 

Through a confidential database Personal Connections staff will individually match clients for relationships based on their answers to a tailored questionnaire and a personal face to face interview.  We believe our clients become our partners in reaching relationship goals by expressing their personal desires and needs in a relationship. There is no internet platform.  You do not browse through potential matches and make personal contacts.  Our staff does the work for you.  We work closely and personally with each of our clients through the relationship building process.  

Unlike other matchmaking companies, there are no guaranteed number of matches…..but there are no limits either.  We do not “hook you up” with someone just to satisfy a quota.  We will only arrange for you to meet with people who fulfil your expectations in a relationship.  Because we understand that a match for each client may not be in our current database, and with a desire to maximize the benefits of membership, we have created a program that offers complimentary services to keep you socially connected while we actively recruit new members.  

Personal Connections will not only search for a soul-mate for a long term relationship, but we will take your profile and match you with people who share your interests and hobbies.  We organize members-only events and socials on an ongoing basis.  These events include group relationship coaching, singles get-togethers, and family events.   With a client age range of 21years and up, we also include age related activities and happenings.  As common interests and hobbies are identified, scheduled events will be added to our calendar.

We contract with a local company to conduct background checks of each client in our database (the exception being minor children who are included as result of family registration).  Although this step is eliminated in most matchmaking companies we feel very strongly about including it.  This allows for a greater level of both client and staff comfort in the meet-up process.

We use personal feedback to fine tune client needs and look forward to establishing relationships with our clients that allow us to get to know them on a very personal level. 

We have worked hard to create a program that we feel will benefit our clients at an unbelievable cost.  To better understand what we are about we ask that you browse our website fully.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

We understand that some people are comfortable with a suit and tie while others prefer jeans and a tee shirt.  We are all about being REAL!  Although we do have to be selective, you’re inclusion in our database will never be based on your personal attire, educational level, financial portfolio, or whether or not you have that fashion model figure.  

About Our Company