Personal Matchmaking Staff

Penny Collins
PennyLife and Relationship Coach, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, and Matchmaker
Penny’s experiences as a Marriage and Family Therapist have left her with an understanding of the challenges people face when trying to establish meaningful relationships. As a former Veteran and military wife she understands what it is like as an adult to try to build relationships from the ground up, and that building these relationships with those who share similar interests adds quality to life.

In addition to matchmaking, Penny has a passion to work with clients who suffer from anxiety and panic. She provides both individual and group coaching in this area, with hypnosis sessions incorporated for maximum benefits.

In her spare time Penny enjoys spending time with family, community volunteering, motorcycle riding, kayaking, traveling, biking, hiking, and almost anything outdoors.

DanielCertified Consulting Hypnotist, Financial Coach, Matchmaker
Daniel’s college and life experiences have left him with first-hand knowledge of the world of singles. Having relocated frequently as a child and young adult he understands how hard it is to say goodbye to the people and life familiar to you and start all over again in a new place. He understands the obstacles in trying to connect to people with similar interests.

Daniel has called East Tennessee home since 2010. In his spare time he enjoys riding motorcycles, going to the shooting range, snowboarding, and participating in various other outdoor activities. He also enjoys watching movies and indoor games.