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We are a local Hypnosis and Life Coaching business serving Morristown, Tennessee and the surrounding counties. Our trained and experienced staff is passionate when it comes to helping our clients make long lasting meaningful and positive behavior changes. Through our local office, businesses and corporations who partner with us, and our affiliations with local spas and wellness centers, we offer affordable hypnosis and life coaching, workshops on stress reduction and building relationships, and weekly and biweekly group sessions for those experiencing anxiety/panic. Although most of our clients see us for stress, pain, smoking cessation, weight loss, and insomnia, we understand that our services are limited only by the number of fears and unwanted behaviors people experience.  Please search our website to get a more in depth description of our services and fees.

Penny Collins

About Penny

Penny Collins is the inspiration behind Personal Connections Matchmaking. Using her experience as both a Marriage and Family Therapist and successful business owner, she has founded a company unique to the matchmaking industry.

As a therapist Penny saw clients of all ages and backgrounds with a variety of issues that often revolved around loneliness and social isolation. Living in a very mobile society, coupled with the fact that technology now accomplishes many of the tasks that would have placed people in face to face situations, chances to make friends and form relationships have been limited. Many of Penny’s clients shared similar interests and hobbies but she was unable to make connections because of client confidentiality and the ethical code of her profession.

The idea of a matchmaking venture that could bring people together for both dating and friendship began to evolve into a business plan. When researching the matchmaking industry, however, she began to see a discouraging trend. She found words such as “elite, financially successful, upscale, beautiful, professional, college degree” and the list goes on. Industry recommendations suggested that the best chance of building a successful matchmaking business rested on targeting a specific population. And if a person wanted to obtain maximum financial success the target would be those who could afford to pay high end prices.

This was not acceptable to her. Sure, there were potential clients out there who fit into these categories, but what about those who didn’t? What about people who may not have that “perfect body”, that “perfect smile”, or that Ivy League education? What about people who may not fall into the top ten percent of income earners but still make a living comfortable to their needs? Where do they go for help in making those personal connections? She began to envision a matchmaking service for “real” people, who were ready to begin new relationships, limited only by their willingness to take a chance.

Tossing aside industry recommendations Penny has carried her successful business philosophy of “give more for less” into an industry that generally limits services to financially successful individual’s seeking long term romantic relationships. By including not only individual’s, but couples and families as well, she was able to create a central client database where “everyday” people could connect on more than just a romantic interest level. With frequent social gatherings and events tailored to the interests of her clients she could ensure that everyone had the opportunity to connect with others who shared similar hobbies and interests.

As a hopeless romantic Penny believes there is someone out there for everyone….and Personal Connections is ready to help you find them.

As a hopeless romantic Penny believes there is someone out there for everyone….

Personal Connections is ready to help you find them.


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